Subliminal Club – Wanted ZP (Experimental)


Subliminal Club – Wanted ZP (Experimental)

Subliminal Club – Wanted ZP (Experimental)


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Subliminal Club - Wanted ZP (Experimental)Subliminal Club – Wanted ZP (Experimental)

Physical Shifting – a technology fully focused on creating physical change in the user. Physical shifting technology will help heal, develop, improve and grow your body, but it is not designed to and will not make something out of you that you are not. Physical Shifting can take time – days, months, years, and is dependent on a multitude of factors. Make sure you take action towards your physical shifting goals, for example if you want to improve eyesight, start an eye exercise regiment and eat well. Do not attempt to replace medication and medical advice with Physical Shifting. Physical Shifting is not a magic pill.

“I am so changeable, being everything by turns and nothing long; I am such a strange mélange of good and evil, that it would be difficult to describe me.”

– Lord Byron

The mystery, the enigma, the heartbreaker…

The one that got away…

The WANTED man.

WANTED ZP is the epitome of the mystifying, enigmatic man that is shrouded in mystery. The man that tickles at that something deep inside your very core, the closed forbidden book hiding untold secrets that you might just get if you gaze long enough at the arcane letters…

The man who arrests the gazes of women and fills their hearts with thoughts of equal measure sin and curiosity.

The man that you can become using WANTED.

WANTED is the male equivalent of Seductress aimed at not only creating an air crackling with mystery around you but also for helping you look more and more attractive physically through the usage of our physical shifting technology.

In WANTED you will experience the endless mystery that you contain in yourself and use it as a cloak that awakens in others an unrelenting desire to discover and find out more. You will find your behavior, thinking and mannerisms becoming more coquettish – the game of hot and cold will become your second nature when dealing with others.

Using WANTED you will find yourself radiating a certain air of mysteriousness, of mischievousness and attractiveness. Your behavior will become that of the man each woman dreams of in her worst, sweetest nightmares – the one that piqued her interest and kept her heart seized with thoughts of him every waking moment.

A true trickster, one of a kind rogue and definitely not a glistening hero, a WANTED man always contains paradox in his being. He is not afraid to be truly human – he embraces his human nature, his imperfections, the mysteries and flaws of human existence while striving towards excellence every step of the way… his way.

Many of the most WANTED men in history were not perfect men – they were complex individuals filled with numerous feelings and authentic love towards experiences that shape humanity. They had that certain X factor, the unending layers of personality that draw you in and call you to explore. You will make use of all emotions that you have in such a way that makes you attractive and authentic – but not letting them overtake your being and instead pushing you towards becoming more and more powerful and evolved whilst retaining the intensely deep, attractive depth of being that mesmerizes others.

Moreover, WANTED has physical shifting focused specifically on developing the different areas and features of your whole body for the sake of physical attractiveness, such as muscle development in the most attractive way, fat loss, bone alignment, hair improvement, male enhancement and so on.

Make sure to take action, you must not wait around and hope for things to happen. Get out there and meet your partners. Let the subliminal “breathe” by opening the pathways to manifestation through exploring, trying options and taking action, and you will see yourself becoming more and more WANTED through this deadly combination of mystery and attractiveness.

Finally, WANTED instills in you the true nonchalance of a WANTED man, a man who has been through all the storms and calamities of seduction but comes out without a single scratch – while combining it with a flowing desire for love and lust, helping you become a natural coquette who masterfully plays the game of seduction with fun.

If you are ready to become the mystery,

Order now.

▶️ Extended Information

It is impossible to list every single benefit or objective of the subliminal due to the way our subliminals are created. They create holistic change that are deeply personal and individual to every single user, so while two individuals might see similar effects, someone else will likely have different experiences. Listing all potential avenues of growth and benefits is simply impossible – but through experience with the subliminal and introspection you can grasp the overall growth direction of the subliminal. Always remember that you are a unique individual with your very own journey, history and life, and our subliminals take that as well as your conscious guidance into account and work with you and who you truly are. In other words, even if an objective/feature/benefit that you want is not listed on the page, it does not mean you won’t experience it as long as the topic of the subliminal is connected to the desired effect.

Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a specific objective / feature / benefit on the page (or unstated) yet, it does not mean you won’t — it simply means other things are taking precedence and have a much higher priority as dictated by the intricate interplay between your conscious guidance, your situation, your subconscious mind and the subliminal. Finally, there are countless more benefits and features to discover with each subliminal – each subliminal is so much more than a simple list. It is an invaluable companion on your journey that grows with you – indeed, our subliminals can be used indefinitely and throughout your whole life, they will always help you develop in new ways you never expected. Have patience, listen wisely, always be taking action in line with the subliminal and don’t let the list limit you, the subliminal or the experiences you will go through.

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Current Level of Technology:

  • Zero Point (reading the provided supporting documentation is mandatory due to the strength of ZP. Do NOT start listening before reading the included instruction manual).
  • See the following article to learn more about ZP:

Standard Current (ZP) Listening Schedule:
See included instructions or the following support article:


  • 18+
  • Individuals under the age of 18 should NOT run this title.

Gender and Sexual Orientation: Any. While WANTED is mostly aimed at men and written from a male perspective, this subliminal can also be used by women who desire developing some features that would normally be considered more masculine, alongside the coquettish and energetic aspects.

Similarities/Differences: None.

▶️ Objectives:

  • Develop an enigmatic aura of mystery around you that tantalizes, entrances and seduces others.
  • Extensive physical shifting that is both guided by the most objectively attractive features your subconscious mind knows would look good on you, as well as your conscious guidance.
  • Become the ultimate coquette — play the hot and cold game of seduction, making others swoon over you and desire you with all their heart.
  • Embrace paradox, imperfections and mysteries of human life without losing the strive for perfection — a quality that is of utmost attractiveness to all.
  • Use your personality, your life and who you truly are in the most attractive way possible, like an endless well of possibility that piques the interest of others.
  • Experience the nonchalance of a truly realized individual, one that has all the cards in their hands.
  • Develop your desire for more sexuality, sensuality and romance, driving you to achieve more if you let it.
  • Attract and manifest romantic partners for the purposes of a monogamous relationship, or multiple sexual relationships.
  • Improve and enhance your seduction and sexual skills — perform better in bed, improved sexual stamina, overcome premature ejaculation.
  • Easily develop strong and assertive masculine body language and masculine voice.
  • Easily develop assertive, strong masculine language skills and manner of speaking.
  • Develop an extreme sense of internal power and strength.
  • Male sexual enhancement — increase penis size, erection strength and quality, staying power, etc.
  • General masculinity boost, including boosts in confidence, power, strength, invincibility, self-assuredness, and being comfortable in one’s own skin.
  • Relax into the sensual swirl of romance and seduction, become one with the dance of attraction.
  • … and much more.

▶️ Pro Tips:

  • While WANTED is a subliminal that seems like it would do all the work for you, you must not think so. By doing this you will be robbing yourself of all the incredible, wonderful experiences and results you could have. Take action, get yourself out there and meet new people. That is how you achieve the most mind blowing results that you often see on our forums.
  • Eat and sleep well, hydrate, get enough sun, workout and don’t overexpose — WANTED can be a demanding title to run because it has both an extensive energetic and an extensive physical shifting component to it.


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