Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022


Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022

Shift Network - Sound Healing Summit 2022

Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022


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(This course is available and delivery within one day!)To help you explore how to use your voice (including singing!) as a tool to liberate your expression, elevate creativity, and enhance overall wellbeing, we’ve put together 2 sessions from the course Awaken & Celebrate Your Sacred Voice to Come Home to Your Authentic Self.Format File: 46 MP4, 1 PDF


Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022

Shift Network - Sound Healing Summit 2022



Your pass to the Sound Healing Summit series…

But why wait to start your healing journey?

Upgrade your pass now and unlock instant access to stress-relieving sound baths, healing vibrational medicine practices, and transformational mind-body exercises only available in the Sound Healing Wisdom Collection 2022.


Sound Healing Journey and Guided Meditation

A Shift Network Exclusive Workshop With Christina Grozik

For centuries, sound vibration has been used as a powerful healing tool. And now, with modern technology, you can tap into its benefits at home — without having access to the instruments themselves!

Sound therapy offers many potential benefits, including soothing the nervous system, aiding digestion, calming the mind, and promoting overall wellness.

During this 30-minute sound healing workshop with Christina Grozik created exclusively for The Shift Network, you’ll be guided through an immersive, relaxing, vibrational experience.

Settle into a comfortable position, while a collection of instruments including singing bowls, gongs, chimes, drums, tingshas, and other sound tools are used to create an environment of relaxation.

The only thing you need to do is stay present, connect with your breath, and allow yourself to “BE” — while the therapeutic sound vibrations do the rest.

Sleep Soundly Tonight With Biofield Tuning

A 30-Minute Audio Immersion With Eileen McKusick

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Tap into the restorative benefits of tuning forks — just by listening.

You’ll be able to slip into effortless, restful sleep tonight (or fall back asleep quickly!) simply by playing this biofield tuning session with Eileen McKusick.

Quiet the adrenals and settle the nervous system, as well as ease your brain into theta and delta states — so you can access the deepest levels of relaxation, opening your subconscious mind for optimal manifestations.

Raise Your Sacred Voice for Self-Healing & Self-Confidence

A 2-Part Shift Network Course Selection From The Brothers Koren

You don’t have to be a “good” singer to leverage the healing power of your sacred voice.

You were born with a unique voice — your whole-body instrument — which can be used for your own sonic healing.

To help you explore how to use your voice (including singing!) as a tool to liberate your expression, elevate creativity, and enhance overall wellbeing, we’ve put together 2 sessions from the course Awaken & Celebrate Your Sacred Voice to Come Home to Your Authentic Self.

You’ll receive the following sessions from The Brothers Koren:

Module 1: Welcome Yourself Home to Your Sacred Voice

  • Explore simple voice “warm-in”s that you’ll sing along with for practice
  • Cultivate self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-care
  • Experience a new sense of freedom, playfulness, and joy in your expression
  • Participate in breathing practices to ground you
  • Become aware, active, and generous with your listening

Module 4: Embody Your Voice for Healing & Enhanced Wellbeing

  • Embrace your sacred voice as a tool for healing and wellbeing
  • Sing yourself back to optimum health as a “sonic healer” — raising your frequency and increasing your equilibrium with sound
  • Recharge your vocal engine through “keystone breathing”
  • Experience renewed wholeness and vitality in your body and mind

Tibetan Chakra Healing Gong Bath™

A 60-Minute Audio Experience With Richard Rudis

Clear unwanted energies and create harmonic vibrations for abundance, health, and balance in your home and body by listening to music — at home, no experience required!

This 60-minute Tibetan Chakra Healing Gong Bath™ with Richard Rudis activates each of the 7 chakra’s energy centers — from root to crown — to directly address low points with in your aura.

Release Stress & Tension by Using Hang & Handpans

A 60-Minute Video Session With Laura Inserra

Discover how to create a harmonizing and calming effect on your brain and body any time you wish by using the percussive instruments known as hang and handpans.

Expert percussionist Laura Inserra shows you how to play the hang and the handpans, create rhythms, keep the tempo in your body, and create your own compositions for self-healing using these sacred instruments.

You’ll also see how to release tension while immersing your body in music — expressing yourself more fully as music becomes a conduit to convey your emotions.

Clear, Cleanse, Balance & Focus Your Life With Solfeggio Tuning Forks

“A Fork In The Road” Audio Book From David Hulse

Get Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022 download

Using ancient Solfeggio frequencies for sound healing can assist you to create the possibility of a life free from stress or illness.

David Hulse, visionary founder of SomaEnergetics Vibrational Sound Tools and Training, shares anecdotes of his journey using Solfeggio tuning forks in his audio book A Fork in the Road.

You’ll explore leading edge scientific discoveries regarding sound and healing, so you can find the healing harmonics of your own individual music — allowing you to live a balanced, healthy life.

Cultivate Self-Awareness Via the Musicality of Nature

“Tao of Music” Ebook From Bodhi Setchko

We are constantly surrounded by the music of nature — from raindrops and wind, to our own heartbeats and breath, to the pure silence of the universe.

Tap into the natural sources of sound healing all around you to cultivate creativity and present moment awareness, be more comfortable in your own skin, and relax into genuine resonance with your soul through the Tao of Music Ebook from Bodhi Setchko.

Experience Sound Medicine for the Soul

“The River Runs Through” Alchemy Music Package From Phyllis Anne Douglass

According to Phyllis Anne Douglass, you don’t have to wait to see an in-person practitioner to experience the benefits of sound healing now.

We each have a divine blueprint, but living in our physical world can cause us to forget this universal truth. When you listen to The River Runs Through, you can begin to shift old and imbalanced frequencies that are not aligned with your divine blueprint — by tapping into your own innate abilities to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure.

This infinite heart activation includes an 11-minute audio experience with music and transmissions that transcend all barriers of time, space, dimension, and language…

… attuning you to higher frequencies to shift your trajectory — your reality — toward new and limitless possibilities!

You’ll also receive a PDF offering guidance through the spiritual transfiguration meditation process, plus corresponding angel sigils (sigils are powerful symbols used in rituals of invocation.)

Magic Mantra: Sacred & Healing Sound Bath

A 60-Minute Audio Journey With Jonathan Goldman

Looking to amplify your spiritual practices with sound healing?

Experience the sonic prayer wheel of the magic mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” (the mantra of Avalokiteśvara, the Buddha of Compassion), in this hour-long sound bath of sacred and healing sound.

Created by healing sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman, and featuring many sound healing luminaries, this extraordinarily beautiful and therapeutic ambient sacred chant will enhance meditation and inner sonic journeying — as well as sleep activation and healing.

Sounds include choral voices, guitar, flute, zither, Tibetan bowls, and whale sounds, resonating together in a circular repeating prayer wheel of sacred sound designed to elevate planetary consciousness.

Atlantis Remembers

A 3-Track Music Album From Anders Holte Cacina MeAdu

Slip into a restful, ethereal trance state with an “all vocals” album from Anders Holte Cacina MeAdu

“Listening to the echo of a time we knew was yet to come, we made a covenant with the Earth to safely hold our love, our knowledge, our dreams, and visions of a new world until they were ready to resurface again. Until we were ready… again. Today we are beginning to listen again, we hear the call… the echo from an ancient, stellar lullaby as we are about to awaken to the dawn of a new day. And so, through us, Atlantis remembers … the heart.”

Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree: A Sound Medicine Journey

Get Shift Network – Sound Healing Summit 2022 download

A 29-Minute Audio Track From Rich Goodhart

Experience a sonic transformation at home or with friends!

This masterfully rendered and energetically attuned shamanic sound journey — all hand played by real musicians — is a great accompaniment for ritual dance and movement experiences, dynamic meditations, and inspirational listening! 

Featuring Rich Goodhart on a wide array of world instruments, with special guests including renowned psychedelic rock musician Daevid Allen on glissando guitar, and James Ballard (long-time ally and cohort of divine sound master Saruah Benson) transmitting the “Elders” chant. The recording includes Entering the Circle… Word from the Elders… On the Dark Sea of Awareness… and Weaving Luminous Strands.

Release the Past & Relax the Body With SoundWork

3 Restorative Resonance Meditations With Vickie Dodd

Experience a “sound as bodywork” session that allows you to release past traumas and emotions held in your tissues and cells.

Everything that’s occurred in your life is recorded in your body. You can use humming as a mechanism to help improve circulation and oxygenation, balance the electromagnetic field, and even release pain! Sound work also enhances other mindbody therapies.

Vickie Dodd guides you through 3 restorative resonance meditations for deep relaxation and healing. Use them individually, or one after another, to spark healing from the outer surface of the body layers to the body organs and glandular system.

This technique can help you move memories, feelings, and imprints that no longer serve you.

Unleash the Quantum Game Changer: What’s in Your Voice is in Your Life

A Video Discussion & PDF Guide to Quantum Healing From Helena Reilly

Are you ready to release energy blockages that are sabotaging your success?

Helena Reilly shares that your environment consists of energy waves that continually carry information to your brain, body, and energy field. To be uplifted today and for years to come, it’s important to fill your environment with positive vibrational energy waves.

Discover how to use the 5 octaves of your voice as a gateway to your subconscious so you can raise your vibration, leverage the benefits of quantum healing, and entrain consciousness into an inevitable state of enhanced wellness and neuroplasticity benefits.

 Explore Biosonic C & G Tuning Forks

A Video Discussion With Dr. John Beaulieu

Practitioners use C & G tuning forks for stabilizing mental and emotional harmony, improving the energy field, bolstering physical health, and enhancing spiritual upliftment.

Dive deeper into the science behind C & G tuning forks (Biosonic Bodytuners™) with Dr. John Beaulieu, the originator of the use of tuning forks for sound healing and musical performance.

These two tuning forks create what is called a perfect fifth in music and in ancient traditions — or the perfect balance of yin and yang, and the perfect dance of Shiva and Shakti.

Includes German translation.

The Science Behind Sound Therapy & the Body’s Healing Response

A Sound Therapy 201 Guidebook From John Stuart Reid

Have you heard that sound and music heal naturally — but wondered how it actually works inside the body?

In this comprehensive guidebook (including high-quality illustrations), sound healing expert John Stuart Reid describes, in easy-to-understand language, how sound frequencies and music can:

  • Support the body’s healing mechanisms
  • Mediate pain
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Boost the immune response
  • Slow aging

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