MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass


MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass

MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass

MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass


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Email is the leading conversion channel for converting users into customers. When executed correctly, strong email can become one of your most profitable channels for your ecommerce business.


MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass

MuteSix Klaviyo – Email Marketing Masterclass

How to Increase Your
Revenue Up to 4x
Through Klaviyo Email Marketing

Cut your cost per acquisition by up to 20% and create high-converting email campaigns without increasing your marketing spend.

Email is the leading conversion channel for converting users into customers. When executed correctly, strong email can become one of your most profitable channels for your ecommerce business.

Perhaps the reason you’re not getting open and click rates to take that next important step towards a purchase and create additional revenue is because you’re not up to speed with the latest best practices for ecommerce.

And guess what? Your list doesn’t grow, your cart abandonment doesn’t decrease, and your business doesn’t generate record-breaking profits until…

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Your email campaigns convert.
As a matter of fact, without email…
1. Shoppers are abandoning carts faster than a speeding ticket.

2. Facebook ad spend misses out on a 20% decrease in CPA.

3. Customers you worked hard to convert aren’t 3x more likely to return.
…In Short
You’re leaving money on the table until you implement the pieces necessary to refine your email marketing system. When you finally have the ability to get people to open, click and buy from your emails…everything changes.
Studies have found that not only are 1 in 5 of your subscribers not regularly opening your emails, they’re most likely NEVER opening your emails.
So what’s the difference between an email marketing strategy that…

Decreases Facebook CPAs by 20%

Converts into revenue at 4X the rate of social channels

Increases list size by 3X
vs. one that…

Loses subscribers

Results in low open rates

Generates deliverability issues
…as you wonder what everyone
else is doing?

With Klaviyo email marketing, you can convert users who are now in the consideration phase – ready to buy – into purchases. Conversions means more leads, more clicks and more cash flow into your business.
Ecommerce email marketing with Klaviyo.

There’s no other segmentation and automation email provider out there, fit for ecommerce, that can get you profitable one-to-one email segmentation like Klaviyo.
Once you learn and apply email marketing with Klaviyo, you’ll benefit from…

A powerful platform that easily integrates with Shopify and Facebook.
List growth with increased engagement.
Higher conversions that results in lower cart abandonment.
Repeat customers waiting to hear from you.

And for a business owner, what does that feel like?

Funders start to pay attention.

Your fulfillment operation scales.

Bigger ideas materialize.

Your business creates significant meaning for customers.

Sales and profit through other traffic channels are now exciting.
It’s all a reality with ecommerce email
marketing and Klaviyo.
Klaviyo isn’t a secret. It’s available for anyone at any time… yet how you leverage this powerful platform and the strategies you implement is what differentiates your business from your competition.
Once dynamic email marketing is in place with Klaviyo, email can work for you on auto-pilot, monetizing the back end of your traffic sources.
This is possible without recreating the wheel, without wasting your time testing iteration after iteration, and without flooding your inbox with emails from your competitors just so you can try to catch up with their strategies.

Fortunately for you, the email team here at MuteSix has already done the heavy lifting for you so you can avoid experimenting with various email marketing systems and start increasing your ecommerce sales.
So let’s recap, by the end of your time inside
The Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass:

You can increase your repeat customers and lower your churn rate.

You can grow your ecommerce sales and monetize on the back end of your traffic sources.

You can engage AND convert your list and have a strategy that has the potential to increase your revenue 2 to 4X.

You can have an automation execution plan, without having to blindly test or lose massive amounts of subscribers.

You can decrease cart abandoned rate by up to 20%.

You can increase open and click rates.

Once you have profitable email automation, you can start to execute on bigger ideas that have laid dormant!

If you’re ready to join an elite group of email marketers and create a proven email marketing system for your business.

Here’s how we’ll get you there….
Strategies taught by MuteSix to create a profitable email marketing system for your ecommerce business with the power of Klaviyo.
You’ll learn how to:


Maximize promotion strategies that create profit.
(without cheapening your brand)

Execute the top profit-generating automation flows.
(so you spend less time recreating the wheel and more time increasing sales)

Create powerful email campaigns.
(perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)

Curate a powerful and engaged list.
(so you can lower your unsubscribe rate and increase revenue)

Create powerful email campaigns.
(perfect for creating strategic, systematic emails)
Here’s what’s inside
‍The Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass:
Module 1: Email Best Practices

Module 1 covers the essential framework for executing polished emails. You’ll avoid sending emails that make your brand look amateur.
Come away with:

Strategies for executing effective promotions

Email formats for brand consistency

Improved user experience with thoughtful testing
Module 2: Increasing Revenue with Automation

Module 2 is powerful because you’ll learn how to send profitable automation flows. You’ll need this in place so you can drive more revenue for your ecommerce business and recover abandoned sales.
Come away with:

An execution plan of the best profit-generating automations

Swipe files and flow maps to easily build out your emails

A list of additional email series that shorten the purchase cycle
Module 3: Campaigns

Are you using the correct campaigns in your marketing? Module 3 covers the types of strategic and systematic campaigns you need to send to avoid sending emails out on a whim.
Come away with:

A list of the low-hanging-fruit campaigns so you can be sure your emails will always pay out

An outline of the MuteSix holiday strategy (this exact strategy generated over $87k in just 12 days for one of our clients!)
Module 4: Segmentation Optimization

How can you make sure you’re reaching the right customers while excluding those who aren’t a fit? Module 4 allows you to send tailored messages rather than a one-size-fits-all email.
Come away with:

The exact segments you need to increase your open rates

The clear-cut tactics to increase LTV and decrease churn rate
Module 5: Reporting

With so much data you can gather, how do you make sure you are using the right indicators for success? In Module 5, we’re going to cover the benchmarks and metrics you need to watch for.
Come away with:

A list of key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your emails

An inside look into accessing and exporting your reporting
Module 6: Deliverability

Learn how to ensure your emails are delivered properly. This module is absolutely critical to detecting, solving and preventing deliverability issues.
Come away with:

An outline to identify whether or not you’re experiencing deliverability issues and how to prevent them

Steps to curing your deliverability issues
Module 7: Omnichannel Marketing

Take advantage of different marketing channels while still keeping it simple. This module covers website optimization strategies and tools that will help increase list growth.
Come away with:

A way to increase sign-up conversions on your site

A list of apps that can create a seamless shopping experience across other channels
BONUS: Automating Messenger

A powerful and valuable strategy that shows you how to maximize messenger the same way you would email!

You’ll get instant access so you can get all the strategies to set you up for success right away, get results in half the time, and increase your revenue…without wasting time.
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“MuteSix is directly teaching you how to maximize strategic features inside Klaviyo so you can scale your email revenue—by helping you build true personalization as the core of your email strategy. This course is first-of-its-kind and shows tremendous thought leadership by MuteSix. Which demonstrates why they are a Platinum Klaviyo Master agency partner. Definitely take advantage of this valuable resource to help grow your brand!”

– Matt Serwin,
Klaviyo Channel Manager
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Only in The Klaviyo Email Marketing
Masterclass will you find:

Modules taught by the email marketing experts of MuteSix.

24 lectures and videos with over 140 minutes of information.

Stop, start and continue lessons at your own pace in addition to revisiting the course anytime you choose.
This course is for you if …

You’re making some sales from your ecommerce store, but want to profit more.

You’re already sending emails to your customers and prospects and want to increase your click rates.

You’re ready AND excited to take action on strategies.

You’re looking for expanded features, capabilities and integrations with your current email platform.
This course is not for you if …

You’re brand new to email marketing.

You don’t have an ecommerce store.

You’re not utilizing the power of (or willing to switch over to) Klaviyo.

You’re not looking to scale and want to keep playing small.
So who’s the team teaching the best marketing strategies with Klaviyo?

MuteSix is the ‘go-to’ digital advertising agency with more marketing case studies than any other agency. MuteSix gives brands the power to amplify their message over millions of networks, reach thousands of target users and still analyze every interaction.


MuteSix’s clients have seen massive leaps in their sales volume while decreasing their cost per sale. Insight-driven and authentic in action, MuteSix provides client partners with the ROI they deserve and open tremendous opportunities for any business to reach their audience and deliver advertising that creates money.
For just

You’ll get access to this online course that will help create a profitable email marketing system for your ecommerce business…taught by the campaign managers that are working in the trenches every day.
So click the button below right now to enroll now
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Try the Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass for a full 14 days
100% Risk Free
If you’re not totally satisfied with Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass lessons, just ask for a refund anytime within 14 days of purchase and we’ll pay you every penny back, right away!
Still on the fence? Here are some of the results we were able to achieve through email.
MoM Revenue
MoM List
Email Pop-Up Conversion Rate

Having yet to bring their product to market, the protective foot spray company came to MuteSix to launch for the first time. Through email, PreHeels focused on a mid-funnel marketing strategy which turned new leads into first-time customers by implementing a welcome series and abandoned cart series. To create a pool of repeat customers and increase LTV, the email marketing team included a retention series and tested a range of creative and coupons.
Pair of Thieves
Increase in List Growth
Of Revenue
From Email
Of Revenue From Automated Emails

As a rapidly growing ecommerce brand, the socks and underwear company came to MuteSix looking to increase market share in a highly competitive category. With MuteSix we focused on spending more money up-front to acquire a new customer via paid media channels, and then be smart about retaining that customer and increasing the profit margin by making sure they make subsequent purchases via email. As a result the company’s year over year revenue increased by 5x!
Subscription Revenue YoY
Revenue YoY
Highest Month Revenue

The shampoo company came to MuteSix to meet aggressive revenue goals. To do so, MuteSix implemented advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities that are now empowering PURA D’OR to nurture single-purchase customers and upsell them to subscription purchases. Just four months after, nurture campaigns on both websites delivered exceptional results.
Can you imagine …
what your business will become when you have the ability to apply the email marketing strategies you’ve learned in this course to create better promotions that sell more product, improve customer loyalty (which will lead to more long-term sales), reduce churn rate and drive a predictable stream of sales…on auto-pilot?
Remember, you’re leaving TONS of money on the table and missing out on opportunity to boost your revenue until you start sending emails at the critical points of the customer journey with this high-performing marketing channel which will help them take that next important step toward a purchase and help you increase your customer lifetime value.
So click the button below right now to join The Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass.
Questions? Ask Away!
What makes this course different than any other email courses out there?

This course is practical. It teaches the strategy side of email marketing and it’s taught by our team at MuteSix who are in the trenches of client campaigns every day. This course also thoroughly covers automation flows and the backend of Klaviyo. The material covered in this course is not taught anywhere else.
Will I receive updates to the course in the future?

100% yes! Since you’ll have lifetime access, anytime we add or modify content inside the course, you’ll see those updates when you log into your course!
Why can’t I just watch YouTube videos and figure this out on my own?

You can! But one of the biggest advantages in purchasing this course is that all the information is structured so you can work towards scaling your revenue with Klaviyo in a step-by-step format. If you’ve been struggling to push through the ceiling, then chances are you’re not sure what to search for. The information taught inside this course is constantly evolving so if you want to be the first to know what’s working, then this course will provide that. Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass has taken the research process out for you so all you have to do is hit play and start taking action!
When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you enroll. It’s a self-paced online course so you get to decide when you start and when you finish. There are over 140 minutes of material as part of the course and you can space it over several weeks or binge it in one weekend!
How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you’ll have unlimited access to the course across any and all devices you own.
Do you offer refunds?

We only want you to maintain access to this course if it will provide value for you. If you’re unsatisfied with the material in this course and you feel this course didn’t help you maximize the features inside Klaviyo, then contact us in the first 14 days after enrolling and you’ll receive a full refund. Just email [email protected]
Who exactly is this course for?

This course is for you if you use Klaviyo, but many who are using other ESPs can benefit from the strategy side. This is also meant for ecommerce business owners or marketers who understand the basics of email but are looking for advanced strategies.
One payment of
Yes! Enroll in the Klaviyo Email Marketing Masterclass

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