Marisa Peer – Dietless Life Program


Marisa Peer – Dietless Life Program

Marisa Peer – Dietless Life Program


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(This course is available and delivery within one day!) You benefit from the techniques I developed during my 30+ years in the diet and wellness industry helping people just like you transform their bodies.


Marisa Peer - Dietless Life ProgramMarisa Peer – Dietless Life Program

What if you could spend 90 minutes a week with me and change your relationship with food forever?
If you’ve tried everything including paleo, keto, raw food, diet pills, calorie counting, and punishing workouts and are left feeling disappointed and frustrated, join me weekly for 12 weeks and reach your ideal weight with ease.

If you’re fed up with all the weight loss gimmicks, fat loss tricks, and fad diets, and you’re ready to experience lasting change, then read on…

Did you know that every time you restrict calories, you reduce the likelihood of your diet working? That’s because your resting metabolic rate decreases every time you diet and it doesn’t go up again.

When you regain and start to carry excess weight, your resting metabolic rate drops further, and this is the damage that dieting does to you. More dieting simply can’t fix this.
That’s a difficult reality to be facing, however I have some great news. I have created something amazing called the Dietless Life.

It’s very different from any other methods you have tried. This is based on my life’s work in the weight loss industry and my knowledge of how to sustain your ideal weight with ease.

One of the things I know and will share with you is that using my proven method of hypnosis not only can increase your metabolic rate, but can also improve digestion and change your taste buds, leaving you preferring healthy food all the time. It won’t feel like hard work or restrictive.

My unique method of hypnosis can increase your metabolic rate while changing your weight, shape, size, and relationship with food. Isn’t that what we all want after all?

I created a cutting edge three-step process called Coach Code Change.

I believe this is the most exciting thing to hit the weightloss market in years. I address the real challenges of weight loss: losing and sustaining, consistent healthy choices, having the confidence to eat differently, and improving metabolic function—all without the need to diet.
And the best part is you get to spend 90 minutes a week directly working with me live online to experience the benefits. My Dietless Life 12 week Programme can be a game-changer for you!
You benefit from the techniques I developed during my 30+ years in the diet and wellness industry helping people just like you transform their bodies.
“I finally feel free from the burden that food had over me…”
“For the first time in my life, I feel free, free from my past as I know what was driving my habits, but more than that, I finally feel free from the burden that food had over me. Looking forward to the continued changes this will have on my life.”

-Brett A Peterson

Get Marisa Peer – Dietless Life Program at the Course Farm

Marisa Peer
Founder of Dietless Life
RE: Dietless Life Framework
Hi, my name is Marisa Peer…

For the past 30 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to help people achieve their ideal weight and transform their lives for the better.

My career has afforded me the incredible privilege to work extensively on television and radio, where I was sought out for my expertise and unique approach. I was known as one of the most influential women in the dieting industry.
I was grateful to be voted the most successful therapist on Supersize vs. Superskinny and Celebrity Fit Club UK and USA. I have gained a unique insight into what does and doesn’t work in the dieting industry. I started early in my career as a trainer with Jane Fonda and at Pineapple Dance Studios.

My motivation is to offer the same unique insight and powerful methods of change to everybody, not just the client list of Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and sports stars that I’ve had the privilege and joy of working with.

I’m very excited to share this Dietless Life with you. I believe that it just might change the way you view yourself, your body, and your weight.

My sincerest wish is to help you transform your body and maintain your weight loss goals for your entire life.

You may be wondering, how is the “Dietless Life” 
Different From A Diet?
First, I want you to understand if you’ve been struggling with your weight for years and years, it’s NOT your fault.

It’s not your fault at all that you find yourself unable to resist sugar, unable to resist food when it’s in front of you, unable to stick to healthy eating in times of stress and overwhelm, and unable to leave food on your plate.

It’s an acknowledged fact that nature wants you to keep returning to sweet foods and binge on them. Anthropologically, we’re wired to always look for calorie-dense food and worry we won’t have enough from the moment we’re born.

Our primitive brain is scared of hunger because hundreds of years ago, it was the number one cause of death.

We’re wired to fear hunger and to feel panicky when we get that feeling of emptiness in our stomach, and then eat anything rather than feel that hunger.

So it’s genuinely NOT your fault when you go on a diet and end up eating or overeating something you were trying to avoid.

In fact, it’s completely solvable using Dietless Life, and I’m about to share all the details with you.

The truth is overeating is not logical. It’s always emotional.
The dieting industry has missed something that I have been concerned with for years. That is, everything they promote is based on shaming you and your body and encouraging you to engage in abusive behavior.

These behaviors include punishing workouts at the gym, banning fat and certain food groups, restricting everything you eat by going on an unappetizing soup or shake diet, living on bars and highly processed diet food, feeling shameful for eating the confectionery that those same companies often sell.

Or maybe it’s using laxatives and appetite suppressants, being outed in front of a group at a weekly weigh-in event, or calling food good or bad naughty or sins.

I believe the only way to have the body you love is to love the body you have, so you naturally need to treat your body with respect and care.

My techniques come from a place of self respect and NOT abuse. This is how you generate lasting change, reach and then easily maintain your ideal weight.

This is something the diet industry has completely missed. We shouldn’t love or hate food. We shouldn’t call it good or bad, or have good days or bad.

We shouldn’t refer to food as “sins” or “naughty” like Weight Watchers often does, which creates a distorted, unhealthy relationship with food that Dietless Life has been created to overcome.

Loving and respecting the only body you have means being highly motivated to take care of it and creating lifelong habits about what we eat and how we treat our bodies.

Working with me through this program, you can be confident that I will guide you towards your ideal weight and maintain it.

The reason for this is because this is NOT yet another diet.

This is a system for change that harnesses the power of your mind and resets your eating habits and your behaviors.

Imagine feeling full of energy, being your ideal weight, and having the power to choose actions that keep you at your ideal weight, shape, and size.

Imagine having confidence because you no longer struggle with your weight and all the negative emotions that came with that.

Imagine having the ability to face daily challenges without using food as a cure-all.

Now, let’s think about that… When this becomes who you are, it automatically increases your self image and self confidence. This is a win-win, as higher confidence leads to better decision making. You’ll see how the Dietless Life makes this all happen for you.

First, let’s look at the real issue regarding achieving your ideal weight and using fad diets to get there.

The truth is, everyone I have worked with tells me they tried everything and none of it worked. The real truth is they have only tried one thing over and over again. That one thing is dieting and diets are known not to work.

Meet Ann Marie…

Diets only appear to work.
If they worked, we would only ever need to go one diet once in our lifetime to get results. Most diets have an up to 98% failure rate.

This is so disappointing, but what’s worse is that they make you feel like a failure.

In truth, no one can stay on a restrictive diet for more than six weeks without getting into the yo-yo behavior that is so common with diets.

Repeated dieting means you have become addicted to the concept that diets work and believe you can’t maintain your weight unless you diet even more, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s look at some data…

According to the eating disorder charity BEAT, 88% of people with eating and weight loss problems have them because they have an emotional relationship with food. A further 85% of people comfort eat because they have a negative body image.

Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings and to temporarily solve anger, loneliness, and unhappiness because eating temporarily switches them off from their negative emotions.

This is where Dietless Life solves this problem, so you get the results you’ve always wanted.

Our body reacts to dieting using an evolutionary response, meaning when you restrict food intake this causes your metabolism to slow down. This was a smart evolutionary hack to prevent you from losing too much weight in times of famine.

The problem with repeatedly dieting is your resting metabolic rate is now significantly lower than if you had never dieted.

In other words, diets make your body think it’s starving.

That slows down the metabolic rate to minimize weight loss, and when you eat normally again, it stores fat for the next round of expected starvation.

More than 90% of people regain all the weight they lost, and over 70% of dieters become heavier than when they began dieting.

No diet can raise your resting metabolic rate. In fact, over time, continuous dieting lowers it for good.

With a lower RMR, you’re more likely to become overweight, and when you carry excess body fat, this slows your metabolic rate again, leaving overweight people stuck in a vicious cycle that Dietless Life can free you from.
And these results go way beyond body weight.

You’ll start to see many other areas of your life improve, like your relationships, attitude, and mindset.

Meet Shereen Khader.

Shereen struggled for decades with her weight, trying to find a solution.

It wasn’t until she found my program and followed the training that everything changed.

How this works is groundbreaking. It’s a 3-Step process that leads you to a Dietless Life:
Coach, Code, Change
Step 1: COACH

I coach you using unique strategies and techniques to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Each week, we meet live online where I show you incredible, effective, and proven strategies that enable you to become and stay diet free and at a normal weight for you.
Step 2: CODE

Every thought we think is a blueprint that our mind and body work to make real.

In this program, you will enjoy a powerful group hypnosis with me every week where I will hypnotize you to eat differently and think differently.

The use of the hypnosis session and the accompanying recording you get can change your relationship with food, which will change your weight, shape, and size.

Listening to the hypnosis recording can raise your resting metabolic rate using something I created and have been using with great success for years, called ‘Command Therapy.’

Command Therapy can increase your resting metabolic rate using hypnosis. It can also improve your digestion and your preferences for food, so your appetite decreases, your weight shape and size decrease, while your metabolism and motivation both increase.

You also get to enjoy a one-off detailed hypnotic session and recording where you imagine your stomach is small and shrunken so you are satisfied quickly and have no desire to overeat and prefer healthy food.
Each week, you’ll receive a new hypnosis audio designed to support and code in the teaching.

You play your hypnotic audios at home to code in the changes that occur during the group hypnosis sessions. Regularly playing your hypnotic audio is designed to wire in permanent change outside of the weekly session.

These changes occur within your subconscious mind, which will now believe that you prefer to eat less, you prefer healthy food, and you are always satisfied with less food.

Step 3: CHANGE

I care deeply about helping you reach your ideal weight, that’s why I created this program to support you every step of the way.

I do this with online support, LIVE Q&A calls with me, and group accountability.

This is important because research has shown having an accountability person increases your chance of success by 80%!

You can say goodbye to trying to reach your ideal weight alone. You’ll be in a safe and caring environment engineered to nurture and support you every step of your way.

Attend the classes and your group hypnosis sessions, then listen to your audios and let them rewire and recode your subconscious mind so you have a normal healthy relationship with food.

You will start seeing your transformation happen quickly, first in your mind, then in your body. You can safely and naturally transform your habits and reach your ideal weight.

Feel confident knowing you’re on your way towards finally achieving your Dietless Life. Each day, you’ll move closer toward the NEW YOU! Finally, feel free from the need to diet and be failed by diets.

This will work for you whether you want to release an extra 10Ibs, 30Ibs, or even over 100Ibs.

The Dietless Life system gives you a complete process.

It ensures you’re on the FAST TRACK towards achieving your ideal weight.

When you become a Dietless Life member, you’re in good hands. And, you’ll have everything you need to help you succeed in the program.

You’ll feel reassured that you made the decision to work with me.

And know that…

YOUR relationship with food will change.
YOUR positive self-image will increase.
YOUR overall health will improve.
YOUR metabolism can increase, so you’re able to burn more calories efficiently.

If you join my pioneer group for the Dietless Life today, you will get access to a special price of $499, or if you prefer, three installments of $179.

This is the only time I will be able to offer my LIVE Dietless Life program —including 12 hypnosis sessions with me—for this price, so don’t hesitate to secure your spot in this pioneering group today.

So lock in one of these places today to join my pioneer Dietless Life group at this special one-time price!
Let’s recap…

You can finally end your addiction to dieting and step out of the vicious circle of weight gain and weight loss. Become the weight, shape, and size you want to be without punishing your body and feeling full of guilt, shame, and blame. You can even help other people do what you have done.

Your special one time price is…
Only $499
Also Payable In Three Monthly Installments of $179
Secure your spot now, and let’s transform your life together with immediate access. Then, you’ll have your first live session with me.

Get Marisa Peer – Dietless Life Program at the Course Farm

Here’s What You’re Getting:
12 life-changing Dietless Life live online coaching sessions with me, Marisa Peer
Bespoke weekly Dietless Life live group hypnosis sessions
Dietless Life accountability buddy to keep you on track
12 impactful Dietless Life audio downloads
Dietless Life’s unique approach to increasing your Resting Metabolic Rate
Dietless Life goodie bag including powerful audios, videos, therapy demonstrations, and motivational talks
Dietless Life exclusive access to my new book, Dietless Life
Dietless Life Personal Development Workbook, including robust tactics and strategies
Dietless Life exclusive access to the private group
Full Dietless Life support from our friendly team
That’s a total value in excess of $6,000
Only $499!


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