Kim Krause Schwalm – Research Beast


Kim Krause Schwalm – Research Beast

Kim Krause Schwalm - Research Beast

Kim Krause Schwalm – Research Beast


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“This course is available and delivery within one day!”By completing this exercise, you’ll develop a vivid picture of your target prospect or avatar’s greatest hopes, wishes, fears, and frustrations… and be able to tap into both their emotional side as well as their logical mind with your sales copy.


Kim Krause Schwalm – Research Beast

Kim Krause Schwalm - Research Beast


Find out more The A-Copywriting

“secret weapon” This can lead to bigger wins more often

If you don’t know where to find good research for your promo… or you’re wasting time going down endless “rabbit holes” still coming up short… then you need to know about my proven, six-This step-by-step guide can help you.

  • Create something better “big ideas” These are the ones that stand out in a sea of competition
  • Your research process will be more efficient and productive, saving you hours of time.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can slow down the turnaround of projects “writer’s block” Never give up!-Ending drafts, edits, and…
  • You can dramatically improve your copywriting results and be a hero to clients.

MODULE #1—Gather the Nuggets:

In this module I will show you how I gather all the initial research. “nuggets” You have the option of an A-Level Research Beast! (The rest of the information you will need to find on your own. All that is covered in steps 2 through 4.

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This step is not something you want to skip. This step will set you up for success in the next steps.

Additionally, you will save time by writing your copy in a single sitting. It will flow much more naturally and quickly than if you do it all manually. “writer’s block”. Your copy will be stronger and more powerful.-converting, too!

I provide a video overview and word.-For-Word transcript of my approach to this critical first step. Also, a detailed guide that will walk you through my process.

You’ll also find my top tips for digging up more in this guide “nuggets” You can’t ask for more from your client… including product reviews, testimonials, and product reviews, credibility boosters for you product, or spokesperson… and much more!

You’ll also receive a detailed guide and video training. TWO valuable checklists will be provided to help you be more efficient and productive as you gather your research. “nuggets”:

  • Checklist #1: The Ultimate Client “Start Kit” Checklist This will give you a complete checklist of the things you should ask your clients before you start any work. It’s not worth wasting time asking for the same thing twice if you can just ask for it and get it. You’ll look more professional and you’ll avoid all the red tape. “back and forth” Ask your client for items as you need them.
  • Checklist #2: The Ultimate Discovery Call List This checklist will give you a list to refer to when you are preparing for a kick.-On-call with your client… and/or a Discovery Call with your Product Creator or spokesperson. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything and that you are fully prepared to meet your client.-Prepare for the call. Six tips to nail your kick will also be provided.-This checklist ends with an off- and/or discovery call.

Both checklists are available as PDFs which you can download and print.

But that’s just the beginning. I also include…

  • Where to find inspiration and ideas for your copy Video, slide deck and word-For-Word transcript This eye-Opening video and slide deck from a training that I did a few decades ago will help you get ideas and inspiration for your content. I talk about how to speak to your prospect’s deepest and most urgent desires, and provide proof and credibility so your copy and promise are believable.
  • Here are some of my favorite strategies for the research phase of every copywriting project that I undertake. These can be applied to your copy or business. These checklists and videos will help you get ready for the next step.

MODULE #2—Get crystal-Clear on Who You’re Writing To:

This module will show you how to get inside the head of your prospect/avatar and feel what it’s really like to solve their problem. But empathy goes beyond just developing empathy for your prospect.
My Research Beast process is a technique I personally use and teach my copywriting mentees. “The Prism Exercise”.

This exercise will help you to create a vivid picture about your target prospect/avatar’s greatest hopes and fears, as well as their most frustrating moments. You’ll also be able tap into their emotional side with your sales copy.

The Complete Guide is a module that includes the following:

  • Each step of the Prism Exercise will be explained by me These will help you to identify them more precisely-You may feel emotions or desires related to your product or the problem it solves.
  • I have included a listing of “steamin’ hot emotions” These will help you to brainstorm and identify the most relevant to your prospect. This is how you can increase the selling power and effectiveness of your copy.
  • Plus, I share some great copywriting tips How to write your copy to make it seem like you are empathic and like you “know” They (rather than sounding like someone who is lecturing or preaching to them).

But that’s just the beginning. You also get:

  • The Prism Exercise template: Here’s where to find a “clean” version of The Prism Exercise template that you can use To create that clear picture of exactly who you’re writing to… that person you’re having a one-to-one conversation with in your sales copy… who you can visualize responding to every word as it resonates precisely with the emotions, experiences, hopes, dreams, and frustrations they’re feeling right now.
  • Sample Prism Exercises: I have also included real-life examples of Prism Exercise templates that copywriters I’ve worked with or mentored have put together. They’re for a wide range of audiences, products, and services.

This crystal is yours-This exercise will give you a clear picture of your prospect/avatar. Make sure you do all the research and preparation beforehand. It will make it so much easier to move forward with your writing.

Let’s now get on to the next critical step in my Research Beast process…

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MODULE #3—Dig Out What’s Special About Your Product:

Here’s where it all begins! This module will show you how I encourage you to really dig into what makes your product unique.

We’ll go beyond what is expected “two-step” Use a 5 to get the best features and benefits-Step features and benefits exercise. Why are there 3 additional steps?

Because it provides you with far more insight, proof points, copy fodder, and copy that you can use later to convince your prospect to purchase–both emotionally and intellectually.

Wait until you get to this critical step Research Beast You’ll be amazed at the results!

The Complete Guide, which you receive as part of the third module, contains all of the following:

  • Let me start by revealing the 5-step exercise This brings your product’s advantages to life…and allows you to masterfully connect them with your prospect’s most powerful response.-Enhance your emotions
  • I get into each one of these five steps deeply Include plenty of examples and provide many examples. I’ll show you actual examples of how insights and copy created from this exercise were used to promote high-quality products.-Converting, sizzling-hot sales copy.
  • I also share with You a rare excerpt from a Interview Clayton Makepeace, one of the greatest direct-response copywriters ever to have lived, was my mentor and we discussed tapping into prospects’ emotional triggers. This was many years ago.

But that’s just the beginning. You also get:

  • The 5-Step Features & Benefits Exercise Template: Here you will find an overview of all five steps of the 5-step Features & Benefits Exercise. I also give you a “clean” You can use this template to create your own copywriting projects.
  • Sample 5-Step Features & Benefits Exercises: I’ll show you how to make these features into benefits, dimensionize them, and tie them with a particular resident emotion. You will also find fully customizable examples.-Exemplified examples of 5 completed-Step exercises created by my copywriting mentors for real-Life products or services
  • Titans Xcelerator Breakthrough Advertising Video–The Analysis and Evaluation of Your Product In this exclusive hour-I have been training for the Breakthrough Advertising study group in Brian Kurtz’s popular mastermind. I now do a deep coaching.-Gene Schwartz’s introduction to how to analyze your product is worth a look before you start writing. This presentation includes a step-by-step guide.-By-Step training for the 5-step Features & Benefits Exercise. This video will provide you with tons of insight (plus the word).-For-You can also download the word transcript and learn how to approach this important exercise on your own.

This 5 page guide will help you understand the process.-You’ll be able to see the difference between your product and its competitors by doing the step exercise. This will help you find that. “hidden gold” It’s hidden in your product, no mater how common it may seem. This is crucial to be able to complete the next steps in my Research Beast process.

Even better, your most important feature’s or benefit’s can be tied back to your target prospect/avatar’s biggest hopes and fears, fears, and wishes. You might even get actual COPY to use in your promotion, giving you an edge over the rest. “blank page blues”.

Let’s now get to the fourth important step in my Research Beast process…

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MODULE #4—Find the Unique Mechanism

In today’s competitive advertising world, having a powerful unique mechanism is more important than ever.

Chances are at least 90% of the time you write copy, it’s for products or services that are in more mature, competitive markets.

That means the prospect you’re targeting has seen many other others come before you…making similar promises.

It’s likely those same prospects have tried many others before yours…and in many cases, haven’t been fully satisfied with the results… or worse, found they failed to live up to their promises.

This is where your unique mechanism comes in to play.

Unique mechanism is the one that makes prospects believe that your product or service will work for their needs, even if others have failed.

Some cases may not apply to you. “shiny object”Although a prospect may be obsessed with finding the latest thing, most often they simply have a deep, unmet need they cannot satisfy.

How can you convince them that your product or service is worth their time and they will be happy to purchase it?

The Complete Guide, which you receive as part of the fourth module, will contain all the following:

  • How to identify the unique mechanism This helps you bring your product’s benefits to light…and connects them with your prospect’s strongest, most powerful response-Enhance your emotions
  • The difference between a unique and a USP is crucial (Unique Selling Proposition). It is directly linked to the 5-Module 3: Step Exercise
  • Why it is important to have a unique mechanism (and when it is). not!) Here’s how you can determine in advance if your headline or claims will attract your target prospects… or fall on deaf ears.
  • These are the 3 questions that you must answer in your research before you move on. This filtering-You can take your Prism exercise and 5-Step Exercise and use these to create the most powerful, effective messaging strategy. “big idea”.
  • How to use the “strategy of pre-eminence” In your copy You must differentiate your product from the rest, even if your competitor is so similar, it’s still a commodity.
  • I was insatiably curious about the research methods I used to write my first promo. This is how it turned out to be a big winner! (Plus a promo excerpt, and a breakdown of how I discovered and dimensionalized each distinct feature.)
  • How to do competitive research effectively without going down endlessly “rabbit holes”. These are my top tips to get a true picture and understanding how much you can do.
  • Four questions to help you determine the stage of market awareness of your prospect. These answers will help you pinpoint your most likely candidates and make a call to them.-To-buy prospects.
  • These are the five stages of market sophistication. And, most importantly, how to choose which one you want to write for. This is essential for deciding what approach you’ll take to your headline. “big idea”. I’ll explain each and provide examples (including from my own promos… it will be obvious why so many my most successful promos were written at a certain stage!)

But that’s just the beginning. You also get:

  • Titans Xcelerator Breakthrough Advertising Slide Deck and Video–Training on Market Sensibility: Nearly 90-Minute training I did for Breakthrough Advertising study groups within Brian Kurtz’s popular mastermind. I dive deep into Gene Schwartz’s five stages market sophistication. I also offer consulting services. “modern-day” Promo examples that focus on headlines from the 3rd and Fourth Stages “big ideas” Demonstrate how they use a unique mechanism within them. The group also submitted promos that discuss which stage they are in market sophistication. This video training, slide deck and word-For-A word transcript is a valuable reference tool that you can refer to over and again, especially before you begin writing your next promo.

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