Jeffery Martin – Thin and Full


Jeffery Martin – Thin and Full

Jeffery Martin – Thin and Full

Jeffery Martin – Thin and Full


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This course is available and delivery within one day! At 45 Days to Awakening we’ve developed a tried and true secular method that’s worked for hundreds of people. File Size: 2.775 GB, Format File: 72-MP4, 29-PDF


Jeffery Martin – Thin and FullJeffery Martin – Thin and Full

Discover the world’s largest ongoing experiment in consciousness…
Stop Seeking. Become a Finder.
The Scientifically Proven Program for Finding Lasting Inner Peace and Contentment

15 Years of Research
Learn more about the new science behind awakening, fundamental wellbeing, and the 15 years of research behind the world’s largest scientific research project into these forms of consciousness.
98% Satisfaction Rate
65% of participants experience persistent awakening. Another 25% experience an awakening event. And 98% of all participants say they are grateful they took the time for the challenge and are happy with their results.
Based on Data, Not Dogma
Discover how you can have your own transition into fundamental wellbeing. And learn what makes this challenge, a scientifically validated path to persistent awakening and lasting inner peace, that’s different from anything you’ve tried in the past.

▶️ Has Your Progress Been Inconsistent?
Are you disappointed spending time and money trying hit-and-miss methods?

Has everything you’ve tried failed to give lasting results?

Tired of the post-retreat or workshop blues?

Are you worried it’s just never going to happen for you?
Now science has finally proven that you can have a life of inner peace and contentment.

▶️ Finding Lasting Inner Peace Can Be Easier (and Faster!) Than You Think. We’ll Show You How.
Many seekers spend years searching but never find the ‘magic’ they’re looking for.

At 45 Days to Awakening we’ve developed a tried and true secular method that’s worked for hundreds of people.

Based on 15 years of gold-standard scientific research with thousands of awakened people (including non-spiritual, non-religious, atheist and agnostic ones), we’ve cut through the confusion to reveal what really works – and what doesn’t.

By systematically experimenting using our proprietary protocol, you’ll finally discover your unique path to awakening to the inner-peace you deserve.

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Learn the “Greatest Hits”
Try the 24 most proven methods that worked for the thousands of successful finders in the world’s largest research study
Find What Works Best for You
You’re unique, so many techniques simply won’t work for you. We provide the expertise, guidance and support so you will finally find what does!
Become a Finder
Finally enjoy the lasting inner peace and contentment you’ve been craving no matter what’s happening around you, so you can experience the life you’ve always dreamed of.

▶️ It’s Time to Wake Up
Finally Find What Works For You
So you can stop wasting time seeking and finally enjoy life as a Finder
Become a Finder in 45 Days
So you can experience the lasting inner-peace you’ve been seeking.

65% of participants become Finders within 45 days, 70-80% within 90 days.
Experience Lasting Results
So you can live more powerfully and thrive in all aspects of your life.

Join the Next 45 Days to Awakening Challenge
Due to the nature of the program, we can only bring on so many participants at once, so we host the program in cohorts.

All of our cohorts so far have sold out, and we expect this one will too. It’s recommended that you register as soon as possible to ensure you get in.

Use the button below to learn more about the program requirements, and apply for the next cohort of The 45 Days to Awakening Challenge.
The next challenge begins February 4th!
Register Now To Ensure Your Seat!


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