Eugen Popa & VA – NLP Masters Summit 2022


Eugen Popa & VA – NLP Masters Summit 2022

Eugen Popa & VA - NLP Masters Summit 2022

Eugen Popa & VA – NLP Masters Summit 2022


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(This course is available and delivery within one day!) File Size: 10.236 GB, Format File: 9 MP4, 1 TXT, 1 JPG. You get access to amazing bonuses and special offers, available exclusively to those who sign up for NLP Masters International Summit. 


Eugen Popa & VA - NLP Masters Summit 2022Eugen Popa & VA – NLP Masters Summit 2022

Here is what you get when you Upgrade Now

  • You get access to experts who, put together, have impacted millions from around the world with their knoweledge and skills
  • Learn from experts with over 40 years of practice and experience in the field of NLP, personal development, therapy and self-help
  • You learn NLP techniques to help yourself and/or your clients to heal and achieve new level of excellence and performance
  • You get access to amazing bonuses and special offers, available exclusively to those who sign up for NLP Masters International Summit. You really don’t want to miss this chance!
  • You you get access to a specialised community of like minded people who are, like you, eager to learn, grow and develop
  • You can interact and communicate and network with both your fellow students as well as some of the experts presenting in the summit
  • With the Premium package you get access to all the video and audio recordings, bonuses, prizes and special offers, crafted to your needs.
  • With the Premium package you get access to programs from our sponsors and partners as well as exclusive offers.

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NLP Masters Summit

Improve your skills, Develop new Abilities, Learn new Methods, Achieve better Results

Throughout my journey in studying NLP and personal development, I’ve been honored to learn from some of the best trainers in the world. Just as they have had an incredible impact on the way I do things, they will change the way you think and act too.

These world-class NLP experts share with you their best NLP techniques, tips, tricks, and strategies to help you have a better, healthier, wealthier and happier life.

Each of these speakers normally charge consulting rates from 900$+ an hour. We say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you.. And they are ready to help you move forward on your journey in NLP. If you are struggling in your NLP practice, finding clients or better helping your existing clients then you need to tune in and learn from these amazing speakers.

If you want a better life, if you want to grow and achieve new skills, then these presentations are for You!

Let our experts guide you, step-by-step. They will give you the blueprint and tools you need to finally achieve your goals!

What If You Can’t Make It ToAll Live Sessions?

Successful implementation of these strategies will need some time and effort if you want to achieve great results.

And going through everything at once is probably not the most feasible for most.

When you purchase the NLP Masters Premium Pass, it’s like having the best NLP experts guiding you every step of the way as you’re learning, healing, growing and getting better. You can watch and study these powerful and actionable world-class expert masterclass sessions more in-depth, at Anytime, from Anywhere!

So if you’re really serious about being better and doing better, for yourself or for your clients and want to take it to the next level…

If you want to save time and effort on experimentation and do WHAT WORKS to have success TODAY…

If you want access to $1,000’s in exclusive limited time bonuses and special deals (more about that later on this page)…

Then the NLP Masters Premium Pass is for you.

It’s a complete no-brainer for most of our thousands of attendees to upgrade to the NLP Masters Premium Pass so they can get LIFETIME ACCESS to these game changing strategies and Exclusive Bonuses.

So Why Should You Make It Your
#1 FocusTo Learn These NLP Strategies and Techniques?

When I finally made NLP Masters Summit my #1 focus and priority, I was able to go from struggling with existing clients, struggling with getting new clients, and struggling with my very own personal issues, to having an amazing life and experiences and to helping thousands of people all around the woarld. And all of this in a very short time…

It helped me get focused, get clear, and get going! It helped me understand that in order to have success, I needed to ask WHO, now HOW!
Who has done this before, WHO can I learn from, rather then… How can I invent something, or how can I make something work! Why re-invent the wheel when you can get it already perfected from those who are masters at it? The amazing opportunity offered in this NLP Masters Summit deserves your time, effort and complete focus.

We become the best by learning from the best! Become a giant by standing on the shoulders of giants!

Get Eugen Popa & VA – NLP Masters Summit 2022 at the Course Farm


Eugen Popa 

Hi, I’m Eugen Popa,

I have always been passionate about learning and understanding about the workings of the heart and mind. Over time, this has lead me to study all around the world, with some of the best trainers and experts in the field of personal development, NLP and hypnosis.
I have been teaching in Europe, USA, Thailand, Brazil and had my own TV Show in Romania.
My mission is to offer people information, tools, methods and techniques they can use to improve and develop their health, wealth and success.
If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.


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