Allison Maslan – Scale or Fail


Allison Maslan – Scale or Fail

Allison Maslan - Scale or Fail

Allison Maslan – Scale or Fail


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“Don’t be an entrepreneur who settles. Growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big.”

—Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, Author, and Shark Tank investor


Allison Maslan – Scale or Fail

Allison Maslan - Scale or Fail

“Don’t be an entrepreneur who settles. Growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big.”

—Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, Author, and Shark Tank investor

Scale or Fail empowers you to take daring business leaps, multiply your growth and create a bigger, bolder impact in the world.

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Featuring a wealth of real life stories, strategic tools and inspirational exercises, Scale or Fail offers a pro-active approach to:

Creating your Big Picture Vision and the Step-by-Step Plan to Achieve It.
Getting off the Money Roller Coaster and Producing a Consistent Stream of Cash Flow.
Establishing a Powerhouse Dream Team that is Passionate and Committed.
Developing Systems that Free You Up and Stop the
Madness so you can Get your Life Back.
Becoming a True Leader that Creates a Massive Impact
and Legacy for Years to Come.

Author Allison Maslan has successfully built and scaled 10 companies over the last 3 decades creating multi-millions from scratch and has guided thousands of small businesses, CEOs and Founders to do the same. In Scale or Fail, she reveals her revolutionary SCALEit Method®, her signature process that has been proven to grow, replicate, and expand businesses. She also shares her unbreakable mindset strategies she’s learned as a trapeze artist that enable you to move past your fears and limiting beliefs, and guide you to becoming the visionary and leader you were meant to be.
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GET READY TO SOAR! Scaling a business is not for the faint of heart. It can be a confusing journey that causes millions of business owners around the world to quit or stay stuck for years on end. It does not have to be this way!

I have been building and scaling companies for the past 35 years. I am so excited to pay it forward and share this book with my proven formula to scale your business and transform your life.

Let’s do this — together!

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Bronze Bonus Package
Investment: $25

Get everything you need to successfully implement what you learn in the book PLUS these 3 Bonuses:

The SCALEit Method® EQuick Start Guide, a robust resource that summarizes Allison’s strategies. Keep it handy to remind you of the key principles to follow to scale your business. (A $150 Value)
Allison’s SCALEit Method® Masterclass with the exact steps needed to breakthrough your roadblocks and multiply your growth. (A $395 Value)
Membership in Allison’s private Scale or Fail Facebook group, where you’ll connect with other CEOs that are also working on multiplying their businesses’ growth. (A $100 Value)

Bonus Package Value: $645
Buy 5 Books
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Silver Bonus Package
Investment: $125

You’ll receive EVERYTHING above… PLUS:

How to Get Out of the Cash Flow Crunch Audio Training. Cash flow is vital to your company’s health and growth. Get Allison’s best strategies for preventing cash flow crunches and driving up your revenue and profits on a consistent basis and more. (A $250 Value)
How to Build Your Power Team Audio Training. Doing everything yourself is impossible. To scale your business, you must build a dream team of people who share your vision and passion. Allison will reveal the fastest and easiest way to find your team—and lead them to success so your company can soar. (A $250 Value)

Bonus Package Value: $1145
Buy 10 Books
Receive a
Gold Bonus Package
Investment: $250

You’ll receive EVERYTHING above… PLUS:

A 60-minute Coaching Session with one of Allison’s Pinnacle Global Network® CEO Business Mentors (a $1,000 value). This is a deep-dive strategy session into your business roadblocks to create a clear roadmap to scale your growth.

During this powerful session, you’ll:

Get crystal clear on your business goals and Big Picture Vision for the next 12 months to 36 months
Diagnose where and why you’re getting stuck—and more importantly, what you need to free yourself
Identify the top three areas of scale to drive up your revenue, profit and reach
Commit to solid action steps that will move you forward toward reaching your Big Picture Vision

Bonus Package Value: $2,145
Buy 25 Books
Receive a
Platinum Bonus Package
Investment: $437.50
(Save $187.50)

A ticket to:

SCALE: A High-Level Business Growth Retreat! During this 3-day event, designed for CEOs/Founders of businesses making a minimum of $500K in annual revenue, you will develop a roadmap to scale your company and come away inspired… with a plan. There are many events for start-ups or early stages in business, but very few that focus on the challenges and strategies needed when you are ready to scale your company well into the 7 and 8 figures, until now.

Check out this incredible event here.

Bonus Package Value: $3,750
Buy 100 Books
Receive a
Diamond Bonus Package
Investment: $1,750
(Save $750)

You’ll receive EVERYTHING above… PLUS:

A 90-minute Deep-Dive Strategy Session with Allison Maslan, founder of 10 companies that she has scaled from startup to 7 and 8 figures. Leverage her more than 3 decades of scale experience to chart your path toward the 10X multiplier your business—or more. (A $2,500 Value.)
Your own table for 8 at the LEVEL-Up Live. Bring the business owners in your network to this powerful event to create your own built-in accountability team. Or invite your best clients to demonstrate how much you believe in and support their business growth. (An $8,000 Value.)

Check out this incredible event here.

Bonus Package Value: $14,250
Buy 500 Books
Receive a
Titanium Bonus Package
Investment: $8,750
(Save $3,750)

You’ll receive EVERYTHING above… PLUS:

An in-person Keynote or Workshop with Allison. A serial entrepreneur who started the first of her 10 companies at age 19, Allison has a lifetime of wisdom to share with your audience to help them achieve their business dreams and goals. Allison will travel to your U.S.-based event to share her message and inspire your audience into action.

— OR —
A 1:1 VIP Scale Strategy Day with Allison in San Diego, CA.
Spend an entire day with Allison Maslan at her beautiful headquarters in San Diego. She will dive deep into creating your plan to scale your company… giving you the exact step-by-step strategies to systematize your business, build your dream team, multiply your revenue and profits, free up your time—and so much more.

Bonus Package Value: $33,750

You’ll receive ALL Bonuses up to the highest threshold your order meets.

For example, if you order 65 books, you’ll receive the bonuses for the 50-book threshold. Books are $25 each.

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what people are saying:

“Take it from me, scaling is not easy. Allison Maslan’s book, Scale or Fail, is the support system you need to build your team and move your vision forward so you can focus 100% on the truly crucial elements of growing your business.”

—Daymond John, Entrepreneur, Shark Tank Investor, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Don’t be an entrepreneur who settles. Growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big.”

—Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group, Author, and Shark Tank investor

“When you read the book and you apply Allison’s formula, your vision will come to reality bigger and brighter than you ever thought was possible. Enjoy the flying, the scaling and changing the world. I am.”

—Christina Rasmussen, Founder of Life Reentry Institute, and Bestselling Author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again

“What do you need to do when you first start out as an entrepreneur? Create a business that solves a problem for the customer. Once your business is off the ground, you face a problem of your own you never expected: You don’t have a clue how to scale. This is where a lot of entrepreneurs freeze up and make the same mistakes over and over again, limiting their potential. Fortunately, you have this excellent book from Allison Maslan to help you get through those business growing pains. From guiding you on how to create your Big Picture Vision to providing concrete tips on how to manage your To Do list, Scale or Fail helps you find and sustain sweet success.”

—Kara Goldin, Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc.

“By reading Scale or Fail, you are taking the important first step toward building a bigger, better, and stronger business. This book helps you look deep within yourself to be able to identify your superhero strengths, focus on them, train others to do what you do—and then let go to move on to your next potential multi-million dollar enterprise. This is not an easy task for anyone to accomplish, and we are lucky to have Allison’s book by our side to support us along the way!”

—Dean Graziosi, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Expert, and New York Times Bestselling Author

“If you have a small business and want to do something spectacular with it, you need to visualize several years down the road what it will look like and then translate it into a clear picture for your team. The invaluable tools in this book will help take that vision and turn the scaling rollercoaster into the ride of your life.”

—Cameron Herold, Founder of COO Alliance and Author of Double Double and Vivid Vision

“Allison Maslan draws on the wisdom of building over 10 companies to give you her revolutionary method towards building a self-managed company. Scale or Fail turns confusion into clarity and condenses what you need to know in a way that can be applied immediately. Gift this to every business owner you know that is serious about taking the leap!”

—Roland Frasier, Serial Entrepreneur, Attorney, Principal of Digital Marketer and CEO of War Room

“Allison is brilliant at taking huge complex ideas and breaking them down into small, simple steps that anyone can follow. If you want to learn how to grow and scale your business whilst feeling empowered and happy (because both are important!) then buy, read, and implement this book now. You won’t need another business book for a decade.”

—Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO, Nosh Detox, Entrepreneur of the Year, London 2017

“A powerful book that not only guides you step-by-step on how you to grow and scale your company, it takes you on an inspirational journey toward finding balance, happiness, and health while becoming a stronger and better leader.”

—JJ Virgin, Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert and Author of Four New York Times Bestsellers, Including The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet

“I’ve often said, ‘Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker.’ Allison Maslan is an awesome giver who has written the new authority book on scaling. She totally speaks my language, especially when it comes to networking, providing sound marketing advice, and advising business owners on how to let go of what is not excellent and driving the long-term vision. This book can help you be the first domino in several chains of dominoes.”

—Joe Polish, Founder and President, Piranha Marketing Inc., and Genius Network

“When you are looking for a business mentor, find one that has been there and done it. In Allison’s book, Scale or Fail, Allison not only shares her top growth strategies, she shares her wisdom from being in the trenches year after year. She knows what works and what does not in today’s new economy. Give your scale journey a shortcut and read her groundbreaking book. Your life will never be the same.”

—Michael Bernoff, Founder and CEO of Human Communications Institute

“There are entrepreneurs who make money, there are entrepreneurs who change the world, and there are icons who do both! Allison Maslan is that icon! When it comes to business mentors and coaches there is no one better. I highly recommend Allison Maslan to any business or entrepreneur seeking proven results.”

—Vince Reed, founder, Internet Traffic Factory and Set Up My Ads

“To build a successful company, you need a dream team. A team that has your back and is willing to take the ball and run with it. Allison Maslan knows what it takes to build a company culture that thrives on inspiration, collaboration and leadership, as she has done it 10x over. Scale or Fail gives you a clear roadmap so you can lead from the heart, break through your growth limits, and fly high in your business starting today.”

—Joe Harper, President and CEO, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

“Heyo, Fire Nation! If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to be productive, be disciplined, have focus—and read Allison Maslan’s Scale or Fail. This book gets you out of your comfort zone, which is a dangerous place to live. I keep saying: Disappointment is a possible result of every action. But what’s the result of no action? Nothing. If you really want to do something and accomplish it right away, start now by following Allison’s guidance.”

—John Lee Dumas (aka JLD), Founder and Host, Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast

“As a Digital Marketer since 1995 (that’s “BG”—Before Google), I now know ‘START-UP’ and ‘SCALE-UP’ requires two different skill sets. This book teaches both in elegant, simple-to-understand lessons. Allison Maslan really created a “how to” course worth several hundred dollars—not just a book you can get for less than $25 on Amazon! Although you and I are probably perfect strangers, I hope one day I’ll read in the news about how this book helped you ‘scale’ your business and sell it for millions. Until then, I encourage you to read it twice—once for ‘literacy’ (learning) and a second time for ‘fluency’ (mastery). Friend: read these pages carefully because they could change your personal and professional life forever!”

—Alex Mandossian, Founder and CEO, All Selling Aside

Get Allison Maslan – Scale or Fail download

“If you have a business that you want to scale but it (and you) don’t have the systems to scale it to becoming an enterprise or a valuable asset you can sell someday, Allison Maslan is for you. I believe the best way to judge a businessperson is to meet her clients and see what happens in her community. Allison attracts high-quality professionals who are implementers. If you’re looking for a mentor who walks the walk and lives the life she promises that you can have too, then Allison is the missing piece in your puzzle. She’s the whole package with a model that can work for you.”

—Mike Koenigs, CEO, You Everywhere Now, and Author of Thirteen Bestsellers, Including Publish and Profit and Money Phone


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