Alice Nicholls – The Essential Cleanse


Alice Nicholls – The Essential Cleanse

Alice Nicholls - The Essential Cleanse

Alice Nicholls – The Essential Cleanse


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When does The Essential Cleanse and finish?
The course s on September 1 and finishes on September 30 however you have access to the content indefinitely


Alice Nicholls – The Essential Cleanse

Alice Nicholls - The Essential Cleanse

Course Curriculum

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The Essential Cleanse Guide + Shopping + Self-Care Checklist

Savoury + Healing Recipes by Alice Nicholls

Love Your Guts, Functional Healing Information and Recipes by Alice Nicholls

Fare To Remember Recipe Book by Alice Nicholls

Sweet & Nourishing Recipe Book by Alice Nicholls

Essential Flavour Recipe Book by Alice Nicholls

The Essential Kitchen Recipe Book by Alice Nicholls

A Healthy Way to Cleanse Your Life – Spring Edition

It’s that time of year in the Southern Hemisphere where you get hit from every angle to focus on your ‘Summer Bod’.

After all, don’t Summer Bodies begin in Spring?*

*This is a trick question, because we all know you were born with the body you have, not one created by a diet-shake alongside a hefty serve of guilt about all the pie you ate in Winter.

This type of mass-marketing ‘diet-tribe’ is exactly why we knew you needed an alternative that’s going to offer you a much better result.

You’re about to be introduced to a fierce and brainy new handful of best-friends in the Natural Health field and we’re here to take you on a 4 Week Cleanse designed to holistically cleanse your body, mind and environment in Spring.

The Essential Cleanse is designed to coach you how to view your diet, your lifestyle and your environment from a place of nourishment, not one based on restriction, guilt or demonisation.

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The Essential Cleanse is Perfect for You if:

You’re feeling flat and sluggish
Your skin is dry and has lost its glow
You feel foggy and lacking purpose
You feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed a lot of the time
You think you’re anything less than incredible
You check out our Essential Circle of Health below and would rate yourself less than a 7 out of 10 on any of the components



Course content unlocked on Aug 28th

Why The Essential Cleanse?

There has never been a time in history where the foods we eat are so depleted of nourishment, the environment we surround ourselves with are so toxic and the numbing down of emotions of the human condition so prevalent as now.

This has led to the highest ever recorded rates of disease and obesity, stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, over-medication and hormone disruption.

And for us women?

We are also disconnected from nature, community, and ultimately, self.

Which is why The Essential Cleanse is so important to us.

We know there’s no one magic pill to create whole health and that’s why we’ve gathered an absolute powerhouse of brainy, fierce and loving women who know their stuff and who are ready to support you.

Who’s Supporting You In The Essential Cleanse?

You’re about to get enveloped in support from some of the most incredible teachers and leaders. We’re all so excited that The Essential Cleanse is ing this Spring and we get to meet you.

The Essential Cleanse teachers are:

Spiritual Guides
Functional Medicine Practitioners
Personal Trainers
Healers and Intuitives

Why is this Cleanse different?

Most cleanses focus on deprivation, feeding off your guilt and dissatisfaction with your current state.
Most cleanses are all about diet and losing weight, based on restriction and rules.

Most Cleanses focus on a single piece of the puzzle, so when it’s over you still feel like ‘something’s missing’.

Not The Essential Cleanse.

Uh uh.

The Essential Cleanse will offer support and guidance for a nourishing diet, nourishing emotional wellbeing and practices and epic self-care.

The Essential Cleanse will see you surrounded by women who celebrate you and who embody the celebration of the beauty in all of us.

And guess what?

It’s going to be SIMPLE.
You won’t need expensive kitchen tools or fancy workout gear.

All you’ll need:

To make a quick and easy grocery shop (health food store/health bulk-foods store + Supermarket or Farmers Market)
A slow-cooker/crock-pot (vegan alternative won’t need this)
Your Home Essentials Kit or The Essentials Collection (from doTERRA) and a diffuser.
Be ready for personal growth
An open mind

Let’s talk Essential Oils

Why have we included Essential Oils as a component of this cleanse?

For ers, all of your teachers in The Essential Cleanse came together because we had such an incredible experience with pure essential oils in our own lives. And it’s not just a coincidence, it’s a real science. Essential Oils can support us to heal so many aspects of our lives.

The Five Stages of healing with essential oils:

Essential Oils assist in healing the physical body.
Essential Oils assist in healing the heart
Essential Oils assist in releasing limiting beliefs
Essential Oils increase spiritual awareness and connection
Essential Oils inspire the fulfilment of our life’s purpose

Because we know that Essential Oils form a positive part of our physical, spiritual and environmental support, we want to share this knowledge with you also.


Imagine having a single, pure, product you can use for physical and emotional support and that you can also use to clean your house and reduce our environmental toxic burden.

We’re so passionate about our Essential Oils and we want to share that with you too!

For those who like to see the data, here’s some pretty great info on essential oils:
This data comes from Pubmed. The largest online library of medical literature. Primarily peer-reviewed medical case studies.

The effects of aromatherapy are theorised to result from the binding of chemical components in the essential oil to receptors in the olfactory bulb, impacting the brain’s emotional centre, the limbic system. Topical application of aromatic oils may exert antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic (pain relieving) effects.

Studies in animals show sedative and stimulant effects of specific essential oils as well as positive effects on behaviour and the immune system. Functional imaging studies in humans support the influence of odours on the limbic system and its emotional pathways.

Human clinical trials have investigated aromatherapy primarily in the treatment of stress and anxiety in patients with critical illnesses or in other hospitalised patients. Several clinical trials involving patients with cancer have been published which show essential oils having a positive effect.

Studies have consistently shown that aromas -[such as from essential oils] can produce specific effects on human neuropsychological and autonomic function and that aromas can influence mood, perceived health, and arousal. These studies suggest that aromas may have therapeutic applications in the context of stressful and adverse psychological conditions.

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Course content unlocked on Aug 28th

What is included in The Essential Cleanse

The Essential Cleanse is a 4 Week Cleanse designed to holistically cleanse your body, mind and environment in Spring.

We’ll help you cleanse your physical body and support your organs of elimination, support your emotional and spiritual health and help you cleanse your physical environment too.

4 Weeks of Live and Interactive Support in our exclusive Facebook group
Daily inspiration


Subconscious Mind and The Biology of Belief
Functional Cooking + Food Preparation
Cleansing Energetic Bodies from the self and home
Generational patterns & emotions
Sound Healing
Creating Personal Care items using simple, natural ingredients

You will receive:

Access to the Exclusive Facebook Community
Shopping List for simple recipes to support your cleanse
Recipe eBook
Cleanse Support Guide
Q&A access with your Leaders in the Cleanse
Lifetime Access to the Membership site with access to all future cleanses

What you won’t receive?

Death by content!
Except for the outline above, the majority of this incredible course is going to be undertaken in the Facebook group, especially the live classes and demonstrations. All you have to do is show up in the group (and for yourself of course.).

I’m ready! How do I get in?

All course content will be published on August 28th and we The Essential Cleanse on September 1.

If you already have your doTERRA essential oils, then simply hit the ‘enrol’ button and follow the process to join us. All course content will be accessible on August 25th and we kick-off on Sep 1.
If you don’t have your doTERRA oils yet, then simply hit the ‘enrol’ button and follow the process to join us.
THEN, if you’re already engaged with a Wellness Advocate or have been introduced to the doTERRA essential oils by a friend or mentor, please get in contact with them ask them how to purchase the oils and they will walk you through it so you have your oils to The Essential Cleanse with. (Purchasing the Home Essentials Kit is how most people , though the oils in The Essentials Collection will also be perfect!)
If you are brand new to Essential Oils and ready to purchase and haven’t got a doTERRA contact,you can learn more and purchase your oils from here. I’ll be in contact with you and welcome you into the Cleanse when I see your purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions by emailing me directly at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Essential Cleanse and finish?
The course s on September 1 and finishes on September 30 however you have access to the content indefinitely
How long do I have access to The Essential Cleanse?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with The Essential Cleanse?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.
Is The Essential Cleanse suitable for vegans or vegetarians?
Absolutely. We have vegan and vegetarian options and alternatives for you.


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